Recognize Your Moment of Obligation

People who successfully tackle big problems are often driven by a specific event or time in their lives when they felt compelled to act. These “moments of obligation” can drive you to start working on a problem, and keep at it when you might feel like giving up. They help us shape meaningful careers and lives. Here’s how to recognize your own mission-defining moment:

It’s strong. The experience will invoke intense feelings. The moment itself doesn't necessarily need to be dramatic, but what it brings up in you is.

It’s personal. Moments of obligation are often connected to your own experiences, or the experiences of people you care most about.

It takes hold. These moments often scream for your attention, creeping into your mind when you are minding your own business — sitting on the couch, watching TV, or trying to sleep.

Source:Today's Management Tip was adapted from HBR “Find Your Moment of Obligation,” by Lara Galinsky.

Nick Kalikajaros 2017