How to Make Time for Social Media

Being on Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media sites can be good for your career and your business, but where do you find the time in your busy schedule? Something's got to give. To help you decide where to cut back, ask these questions:

What am I learning? If you use social media to learn new things about your business, ask which other activities can be retired. If you're using Twitter to read 10 articles a week on professional best practices, maybe you don't need to attend that annual training workshop.

Who am I meeting? Social media tools can help you discover new colleagues and deepen professional ties. If you're consistently expanding your network online, consider scaling back the number of face-to-face events you attend.

How am I replenished? What's more relaxing: watching TV or catching up on Facebook news? You may decide to shelve some of your less-satisfying hobbies in favor of some of your new social media activities.

Source:Today's Management Tip was adapted from "How to Make Space for Social Media" by Alexandra Samuel.

Nick Kalikajaros 2017