Report uncovers how to serve next-gen investors

A new report by Celent has highlighted ways to serve next-generation (next-gen) investors via innovative technologies and platforms.

The aim is to address the overarching question of how millennials, with their distinct behavioural characteristics and investor profile, as well as their native affinity for digital solutions, have reshaped the wealth management industry over the past couple of years.

Key findings include:

• Millennials have grown up during a time of technological change, globalisation and economic volatility, which has influenced their behaviours and experiences

• Millennials are tech-savvy, encumbered with debt, philanthropic, financially risk-averse, and have a culturally inclusive worldview

• Wealth managers can adapt their business models to provide millennials with the products and services they require at each financial stage of their lives by understanding millennials’ investor traits, as well as the key driver for change: innovative technology in conjunction with transparent and holistic advice

• In addition to the sheer size of the millennial generation, the wave of digital enhancements brought on by Gen Y also represents the opportunity to drive change across the entire value chain thereby benefiting other generations


Nick Kalikajaros 2017