Armenia’s economic activity index rises 5.7% Jan-April 2017

According to the data released by Armenia’s National Statistical Service (NSS), the economic activity index (EAI) of Armenia has increased by 5.7% in January-April 2017, to compare with the same period of the previous year.

According to the NSS, the utmost growth was registered in the industry sphere in the mentioned period. In particular, Armenia’s industrial output grew by 12.9% in January-April 2017, which accounts for 4.3% to compare with April 2016.

The electricity production sphere also saw an increase amounting to 4.4%. Compared to January-April 2016, the service volumes (excluding the trade) grew by 10.1%. The country’s trade turnover also increased by 12.1%.

The consumer prices, according to the NSS statistics, increased by 0.1% to compare with January-April 2016.

The NSS data indicate decline in construction and agriculture spheres. In particular, the gross agricultural output decreased by 2.9% in January-April 2017 to compare with the same period of 2016, with the construction volumes dropping by 13.4%.

The external trade turnover of Armenia grew by 15.1 % from January to April 2017, with the exports volumes growing by 16.1 % and imports volumes – by 14.6%.

According to the NSS data, during January-April 2017, the average monthly salary in Armenia grew by 2.3 % and the average annual wage by 3.3%. In the public sector, the average salary stood at 156,865 AMD, showing a 0.3% decrease. In the private sector, the average wage rose by 3.2%, totaling to 225,000 AMD.

Nick Kalikajaros 2017