Armenia Ranks 59th in Global Innovation Index

The 2013 Global Innovation Index ranks Armenia 59th among 142 countries. The country comes second in the lower-middle-income group of countries, topped by Moldova (45th).

The Global Innovation Index (GII) is a yearly report, co-published by Cornell University, the European Institute of Business Administration and the World Intellectual Property Organization (a specialized agency of the United Nations)

The GII 2013 looked at 142 economies around the world using 84 indicators, including the quality of top universities, availability of microfinance, and venture capital deals – gauging both innovation capabilities and measurable results.

Among the encouraging signs identified by GII 2013, 18 emerging economies are outperforming other countries in their respective income groups. These include, in order of ranking: the Republic of Moldova, China, India, Uganda, Armenia, Viet Nam, Malaysia, Jordan, Mongolia, Mali, Kenya, Senegal, Hungary, Georgia, Montenegro, Costa Rica, Tajikistan and Latvia. All of them demonstrate rising higher levels of innovation compared with their peers.

Switzerland tops the 2013 ranking followed by Sweden and the United Kingdom. The top ten includes also the Netherlands, the US, Finland, Hong Kong, Singapore, Denmark and Ireland.

Azerbaijan is ranked 105th, Georgia – 73rd, Turkey – 68th, Russia – 62nd, and Iran at a distant 113th.


Nick Kalikajaros 2017